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CSA Panel v3.3.0 Remove Permanent

Saturday, 10 October 2015


We decide to remove permanent the version 3.3.0 because in this version we have the MySQL deprecated and this extension will be remove in new version of php, and other code to old. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For moment the version 3.4.0 is underdeveloped and we hope the release will be as soon as possible.

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Ever have a client that just can't figure out how to use an FTP Client? Our integrated WebFTP client provides clients with a simple and familiar FTP interface.

One-Click Game Updates

Clients and administrators can quickly and easily install any game updates that are setup in the panel.

Smarty Template Engine

The smarty template system combined with the source code of the core files allows you to customize the look and feel of just about every aspect of CSA-Panel.

Server Monitoring & Alerts

With the CSA-Panel server monitor you can setup alerts and actions to take when gameservers are offline, over quota, and much more. This feature also enables the ability to graph player statistics, resource usage, and uptime.

Background Tasks

Time consuming tasks are done in the background to enhance the user and administrator experiences. With these background tasks you can perform other actions while servers install, update, etc.


CSA-Panel has integrated security measures that include encrypted communication, IP restrictions, and file blacklisting.

Integrated FTP Server

The CSA-Panel backend has an integrated FTP server that allows users and subusers to login and manage their files.

Game Verifier

Ever wonder if any of your servers were missing some crucial game files? You can now check that on a per-server and per-game basis with a single click.

Panel Activity Logs

All actions are notified and stored with the username, IP and the timestamp. You can download logs in several types of format.

Fast Downloads

With our integrated HTTP server, you now have the ability to offer your clients Fast Download services.

WHMCS Plugin

This plugin enables you to connect CSA-Panel with your WHMCS Billing System, this lets you automate game installs, suspensions, upgrades, and terminations.


With this feature clients can setup sub-users with multiple permissions per gameserver.